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Simple guestbook


The simple guestbook script allows you to create a simple guestbook to add to your site. This guestbook is a basic one and will appear on your site as it does below Edit Guestbook Template.


1 To access the CGI Center, click on the icon above the words CGI Center on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 To access the Simple Guestbook menu, click on the words Simple Guestbook.

3 Copy the HTML code below Manage Guest Book and paste it into the web page you wish to have the guestbook appear on.

Modifying the guestbook

1 Click on Edit Guestbook Template

2 Modify the HTML code in the blank field to suit your needs.

3 Click on Save to save your changes to the guestbook template

Viewing your guestbook

1 Click on View Guest Book to see who has signed your guestbook

Managing your guestbook (removing entries)

1 Click on Manage Guest Book to access the entries in your guestbook.


Make sure that the HTML code is placed in your web page the same way it appears in your cPanel interface.

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